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Herbarium Hand Soaps (6 x 3.5 oz.) New!
Herbarium Hand Soaps (6 x 3.5 oz.) New!

A dedicated team of experienced cosmetics professionals located in the shoreline town of Old Lyme, Connecticut, concluded after four years of extensive research that the ocean could now provide superior ingredients that would enable a totally new approach to the effective treatment of hands, nails and feet.

Excited by their findings, the team established the Source Océan ("oh-see-an") Institute to develop unique formulas based on marine plasmas, nutrients, and extracts coupled with essential vitamins.

Introducing SOURC OCÉAN®, the first line of hand, nail, cuticle and foot care derived from the ocean.

Utilizing key elements from the sea, the Institute has created a treatment line infused with the exclusive SOURCE OCÉAN COMPLEX™. Comprised of marine-rich nutrients and beneficial vitamins, the complex ensures that hands, nails and feet now receive the very best care. As an added benefit, all SOURCE OCÉAN products contain an exclusive fragrance --a light, fresh, clean scent reminiscent of the sea.

A pump applicator and sealed hygienic flip-top squeeze tubes were selected to deliver SOURCE OCÉAN marine nutrients safely and efficiently, eliminating the need to dip fingers directly into products, thereby lessening the mess and contamination dangers traditional cream jars might carry. The results? Packaging that is easily portable (so your hand cream is always "at hand"), elegant, yet practical and not wasteful, and products whose effectiveness and efficiency means consumers have spent their money wisely.

The exclusive SOURCE OCÉAN COMPLEX contains:

Marine Mucopolysaccharides, Marine Proteins, Marine Plasma, and
anti-oxidant Vitamin C to nourish and strengthen finger and toenails, improve flexibility, condition cuticles and soften calluses.

Seaweed Extracts, Marine Elastin, Marine Oligoproteins, and Pro-vitamin B5
to improve skin elasticity and help reduce signs of aging.

Extract of Algaes, Sea-Based Soluble Collagen and anti-oxidant, free-radical fighting Vitamin E to stabilize moisture and nutrient levels, and shield skin with a protective hydrating film to guard against wrinkling.

For additional info, to purchase and view the product line click here or call our order department at 800-365-3958 x 130.


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